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I pulled an 8 inch nail out of the wall and heard a pop, should I be concerned? ?

I had to hang a weight driven clock, so the nail I had in the wall was 8 inches and a little on the thick side. The nail was obviously placed in a stud in the wall. 

I took the hammer back and pulled the nail out of the wall, it came out slowly and I heard a pop in the wall. 

Did I crack the stud? Did I do any damage? 

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    The pop was the nail coming loose. If you had done any damage inside the wall, it would have been made going IN, not coming out.

    Note: There is NOTHING you need an 8" nail to properly secure. In fact, the stud, and a layer of wallboard on either side are RARELY 8" together.

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    I'd check if your nail came punctured through the other side of the wall, whether an outside wall or inside wall.  A standard wall stud is only 3½" thick. Add ⅜" of drywall to either side, you've got over 3½" of nail left to come busting through the other side of that wall. If you drove that nail even halfway in, you probably broke through the other side of the wall. 

    Why on Earth would you think you'd need an 8" nail to hang a clock. That was more than enough nail to hang Jesus to the cross.

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    A 2x4 stud is (less than) 2 inches by 4 inches.  What is the point of putting an 8-inch nail thru a 4 inch stud?? 

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