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Could me or my gf have an STD/STI on these circumstances?

Me and my gf are ready to become sexually active together. Both of us are virgins and neither of us have given or received oral/anal sex. Could either of us be carrying an STD/STI?

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  • You're not likely to have an std / sti, since you're both virgins and if you've never shared needles. Std = sexually transmitted disease. Sti = sexually transmitted infection. You have to have unprotected sex, to put your self at risk of getting an std / sti. 

    But either one of you could have cold sores / oral herpes. They can be passed to the genitals if you give oral sex while you have a cold sore. They're often passed by being innocently kissed during child hood by a close friend or family member that has them. If either one of you gets cold sores, don't give your partner oral sex until it's completely gone. 

    Also if you're male / female partners, she could get pregnant if she's not taking birth control and if you don't plan on using condoms. If you're not ready to have a kid, she should get on birth control or you should use condoms. 

    Even herpes doesn't come from thin air, some one has to have herpes in order to pass it to you. 

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    No, if what you state is true. They dont arise out of thin air (except herpes where you can get oral herpes from many other sources). They are sexually transmitted--meaning some one has to have it and transmit it.

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