Yellow and Purple villain colors?

Purple and yellow are common colors of bad guys.  Killgrave, Joker, Ivan Ooze, Thanos, etc.  King Ghidorah, Shyamalan's Horde/Beast, Lovecraft's King in Yellow.  Even Luke Cage was shady at the end of his show.  Why are these colors associated with villains so often?

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    4 months ago

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    a lot of it has to do with coloring options in the earlier days of printing.

  • 4 months ago

    I think you might be reading something into this that isn't really there.  Yellow is used by a great many Heroes.  The X-Men used to be obnoxiously yellow.  Yellow is a big part of Wonder Woman's outfit, and Captain Marvel and...I'm betting I could go on forever.  Yellow is a great CONTRAST color.  It's very bright and sets off well against the blues and blacks.  Heroes in general favor bright colors and especially primary colors.  This dates back really from Superman himself.

    Purple you might have a point on.  Historically, purple was the color of royalty because indigo dyes were so expensive that only royals could afford them.  I can think of a couple heroes who wear purple like Hawkeye, but he USED to be a villain.  The Hulk usually has purple pants.  

    But there's no doubt they're exceptions.  Villains will tend to wear darker colors, especially villains from the Gold and Silver ages.  Modern age heroes often wear darker colors.  But the purple on villains isn't always all that dark.  I'm not sure I have a compelling answer for purple.

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