True or false real friends listen to each other?

I told a girl co worker to stop talk about this guy i like to me, i used to talk about him but I didn’t want to anymore.  I messaged her telling her i would appreciate it if she doesn’t talk about him to me anymore.  I stopped, she continued to ask me about if i talked to  him knowing I didn’t want to talk about him anymore and focus on my work.  I told her a second time to stop, she freaked out on me...she told me we are never going to talk about him again.  I kept my woRd, she did NOT keep her word, she continued to ask me if i talked to him and asked me nosy questions about if i asked him why he talked to the boss about something.  She thought it would be okay to bring up his name since i was calm, even though SHE said we are not talking about him anymore.  I didn’t want to tell her a third time cause she wouldn’t listen.  Would you call her a friend or do you think she wanted to cause trouble and drama?

1 Answer

  • Tj
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    She is not a friend. If you have to, tell her for the 3rd time leave it be, I will not respond to it again.........then try to stay far aways from her.

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