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How can capitalism be sustainable when it is creating such enormous inequality?

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    Capitalism creates enough wealth so that even with its inequalities more people can have a better life than under any system.  This has worked ... so far.

    The smart thing would be to "reset" the Capitalist system from time to time, because otherwise, left unchecked, it too will end like a monopoly game and a harmonious society will be finished.  We are overdue for such a reset.  But I see no appetite from the .1% to share.  Instead, they are pushing cultural Marxism (all this identity politics nonsense) to distract us into fighting with each other over our identities rather than pointing up to them and uniting as a class to demand fairness.  

    Check out this link if you're interested in this:

    How the Social Justice Movement Fuels Corporate Capitalism

  • Zirp
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    2 months ago

    It isn't, but many are too lazy to look at the entire picture. "It works in my country" denies the hell that the worldwide economy creates in other countries, and the fact that most of the wealth is based on ever increasing debt (monetary and ecological)

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    It's sustainable forever if it were well- regulated to compensate for inequality. But since Friedman, it's been a runaway train causing economic depression after depression.

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    Yes there are some very rich people because of capitalism but it is the 1% all the rest are still better off than in any other country. Even the poor in the US are better off than the poor in another system. The idea of this huge inequality is more of a figment of the media and Democrats who try to use it as a means of keeping power.

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