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Tired cat?

I know it's most likely normal, just looking for some advice from kitty experts.

My indoor only cat got out a few days ago. She was missing from very late Friday night to late Monday afternoon. During that time we had come poor weather..It was raining, and pretty chilly outside. I know I was cold with out a sweater.  

She ended up getting found, and since shes been home she is sleeping a lot. She also hissed at our other cat over food ( she never done that before)

Other wise she seems fine, and no cuts or anything on her. 

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    So being out for two days and three nights, an indoor cat not used to outside will not have slept, will have come across noises, people, vehicles that she is not used to, most likely not eaten....... you are lucky you got her back and without injury, but she will be frightened and tired so very normal........... give her a few days she should be back to her more noral self

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    You need to take her to a vet ASAP. If a kitty used to being indoors gets out, you have no earthly idea what they could have gotten into, ingested, etc. I'm not going to say whether or not this is normal, but she was gone for 3 days and had to eat somehow, and you don't know what she got into. VET, NOW.

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