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Don't go out if you're scared you might pick up an infection that could kill your parents.   Is this the new Trump 2020 slogan?

See how it requires almost no results from the federal government or the president, sets no expectations of success, yet gives the illusion of choice?  I think it perfectly captures Republicans position on this outbreak.

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  • 4 months ago

    as opposed to "it's the government and entire world's job to keep me safe while I do whatever I want?"

    ....honestly, are they teaching that the Confederacy stood for personal accountability too?

  • 4 months ago

    The federal government has no responsibility to kowtow to your paranoia. YOU have a choice... go out or don't go out. YOU know your risk factors... or that of your parents if they live with you. The rest of America shouldn't stay locked down because of you.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    I think you are stupid and a coward. You are ignorant and cowardly enough to think that you can go out to MASSIVE protests and not pass the virus, but you can in a voting booth?  Hell, you can set those voting booths outside. You sure as hell can socially distance further than you are at your pre-riots.

    And out of all of this, even inside voting is less likely to pass COVID19 than going to the grocery store. 

    And BTW, while you flap your jaws about 150,000 deaths, ... the unintended consequences of shutting down economies is that we are going to see double the starvation world-wide than last year. That doubling in starvation will not be average age of 85 year olds dying of a natural disease. 

    NO, they will be children of color dying in the MILLIONS. Tell me how much you care. Shed a fvcking crocodile tear for them. I want to see at least one crocodile tear from your virtue-signaling worthless a$$. 

    Every fvcking time with you worthless twits. You PRETEND to care and VIRTUE SIGNAL about your false moral superiority as you destroy the very foundations of society that have let us continually reduce starvation globally.  YOU ARE A FVCKING MONSTER IN YOUR IGNORANCE AND ARROGANCE!!!

  • 4 months ago

    LOL!  We've been out every day.  We haven't restricted ourselves in any way.  Parties continue, eating out, gardening, etc.

    NO ONE has been sick.

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