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Is it disturbing that the man with thousands of disease control experts at his command says "it is what it is" like it cant be controlled?


Ryde0n has a point Instead of "Centers for Disease Control" we should rename it to "Centers for disease watching since it would be retarded to try to control it".

Update 2:

Ryde on is a freaking genius.

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  • 4 months ago

    This is the man who said he could easily reform national Healthcare single handedly. Until he tried it. Then he said, "Who knew this was so complicated??" Uh, like everybody?

  • 4 months ago

    I have never liked that expression as it reeks of defeatism.   It indicates that you think you can not change anything,  you have no control of anything and that you are not even willing to try.    We need to get rid of Trump. 

  • 4 months ago

    People do not discuss enough how strange it is that Trump knew about the dangers of this virus at least as early as January as did some other politicians. Some of those politicians (republicans) were so alarmed by the briefings on the damage potential of the virus that they dumped massive stock holdings..... Yet, Trump from the beginning has done everything he could to dismiss the danger and to call it a hoax even as recently as March even as we were all seeing what it was doing in other countries like Italy.  He not only denied the threat but he then has declined to take charge and help the country defend itself as one nation with a common defensive plan.  He then was stealing PPE and other medical equipment from states who were scrambling to get them to protect their citizens, he then shut up the CDC etc.....even today Trump is still at it..... why?  supposedly the narrative is that he is concerned about giving the impression all is normal and wants the economy booming.  But that is not logical, his actions actually are harming the economy as only taking the virus seriously and having a great national united defense against the common enemy is the real way to get back to a good or normal economy.  I cannot help to think that Trump all along has been wanting the virus attack on the USA to kill as many Americans as possible and seems to have understood early on that it was his political enemies in both blue states and red states who would mostly be killed by the virus....and that if the chaos that could ensue from the catastrophe gets bad enough that it could actually give him at the end, the national crisis that he would love to see happen for him to do things like voter suppress or delay the election, declare national emergencies and stay in power ……..  I think this is what Trump is thinking....

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Covid deaths peaked 3 months ago and have been mostly declining ever since EVEN AS total new cases skyrocket. 

    - I don't like getting sick. 

    - But I'd much rather LIVE a life worth living than lockdown for stupidShit that is doing almost no one any good and literally killing thousands. 

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  • 4 months ago

    To believe the virus can be harnessed and " controlled " is retarded .

    The best that can be expected is that it be influenced and manipulated . At this point we can't even be sure tampering with the spread produces better outcomes than letting it run it's course .

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