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I saw a dream about my ex best friend who is an enemy if you know about dreams?

We are both females.1.let me explain the REALITY firstBoth of us had given exams at 18 in reality and i succed with high grades and she failed with very low gradesSo i had made fun of her very low grades and bully her to another friendAfter that she had passed to a university and she was too happy because she pass somewhere she could not believe with that very low gradesΙ passed also to a better university than hers.But we are not friends anymoreIdk what she had done but i feel ashamed because after i passed to the university i did not study anything and now i am 26 years old and still a student with no degree yet and i am very let me explain you the DREAMI saw in the dream that i saw her and talk to her and she had degree and postgraduate and she was about to be a proffessor at an universityAnd i felt very small in front of her and very ashamedBecause in the past i had made fun of her and now i am below her ... the wayI dont know what exactly she has …

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    It seems to me you are stuck on this one theme, and that has to do with your university, and your tension involving competition with this one ex-friend of yours.  Life is much more than this.  Go get your degree, and start your Life, and dump that other person whom you are so attracted to, or who has captured your mind and imagination.  You can do better than her!   And life  has nothing at all to do with your grades.  Begin your journey!

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