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Need urgent advice on what to do next. ?

I am a 20 year old male. On november 2019 I had a large mucus discharge with blood in the toilet with some diarrhea following that and ofcourse I got scared and went to the docs. They wrote me off some meds to take and told me if I still had symptoms after that come back for further examination. I had a plain mucus discharge after a week so I went back and had an ultrasound, stool test and finally a colonoscopy just to be safe. After all the test came back completely clear which was surprising on my part because I was expecting atleast something minor like an infection. The doc told me he had proof here that nothing is wrong as the reports say and said that it might have been a minor infection which got cleared by the medicines. Now the tests were done in late january of 2020, about 7 months have passed and I had no symptoms until on august 3rd I had the same large mucus discharge with small amount of blood. I am confused about why this is happening and my mind is going crazy with the thoughts. I cannot go back to the doctors with this pandemic **** going on when all the hospitals in my city are pre occupied and besides that what will the docs do now? All the tests have been performed which came back abnormally clear. I am saying abnormally because I still have the same issue so something must have caused it. If there is something there in me then how come the tests were clear? I have no idea on how to proceed from here and what should my next step be

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    4 months ago

    next you take a A4 size paper and pen

    and write down everything you eat from morning

    to night

    and list all the medicines you take

    you will then find the answer to your


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