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How does her childhood seem? What impact would it have on her?

There is this girl. She was born in a very wealthy family. Her parents had a love less relationship and her dad regularly slept with sex workers, and hit on women in front of the girl. 

The mom invalidated every feeling she had, and was essentially a narcissist. She told her her medical condition wasn’t real and ignored it, craves “attention”, lashed out for unpredictable reasons, Told her no man would want her and that her boyfriend was too good to her, etc. her dad had unpredictable fits of rage and would essentially make the girl feel bad she was even born. 

The girl was sexually abused by a cousin for a year, but told no one. She went to hang out with her crush at 14 and he violently raped her and almost broke her wrists. Her mom was mad at her for that 

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    The girl has ptsd and should seek counselling to get that baggage out of her system.  The parents don't sound very good at parenting.  They sound rather selfish people.  She shouldn't take what they say to her very seriously as they aren't good teachers.  The counselling will help her with that too.

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