Girls, would you be mad if your boyfriend set his female friend as his profile pic instead of you?

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    6 months ago

    I'd find it odd that a person would set someone else's pic as a profile pic at all.  That's just weird. 

    I wouldn't be mad because i'm not some jealousBitch. Besides, if my boyfriend disappeared tomorrow, there are millions of other dudes in the world.

  • 6 months ago

    find some hot stud to take a pic with you and post it as your profile pic. then block him after he sees it. tell you think it is best if yall are not on each others social media. then if he has any friends and trolls your social media from their account, tell him that since he checked on your social media that now you can't trust him. tell him it is best if he never contacts you again and that you want nothing to do with him. don't let him try to change your mind. he is just a fragile, inconsiderate moron. he totally clowned you to everyone who knows both of you. he is into her even if she friend zoned him. he super made a fool out of you.

  • 6 months ago

    My gf has her male gay friend in her profile pic with her. While part of me would love for her to have a pic with us, I don’t take it personally. The friend she has is also my friend and I love him to death. She’s known him for years so it isn’t surprising to me that she has him in her pic. I guess it depends on the relationship and how you feel about her. If it’s someone that’s a best friend I wouldn’t worry as much, but if it’s just some random chick that he’s not super close with, I can understand where you would be upset.

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