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Why does the Bible...?

(1)Why does the Christian Bible gloss over the first 14 billion years of the universe?

(2) Do Christians believe in evolution? If so, where do Adam and Eve fit in, if they were created from nothing?

(3) Why are Christians so sure their Bible/God is the "right" one and everyone else's is "wrong"?

(4) If Heaven is real, do we retain our memories from Earth?

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    Billions of years or ever millions of years never existed. God created the universe 6000 years ago.

    No Evolution is calling God a liar.

    God is the creator and He’s not capable of lying.

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    2 months ago

    It is not necessary for your salvation 

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    These stories were passed down orally  for over 2500 years before being written. Most credible sources on the subject were banned by ruling officials down through the ages.

    Evolution of human began millions of years before Adam and Eve (NEPHILIM Angels).

    1. Humans were "MADE(evolved), not in God's image, millions of years ago.

    2. Adam and Eve were "CREATED(not made) in God's image about 11,000 years ago.

    (Gen. 1:26) Thousands of years ago God decided "let us(God & Sons) MAKE man in our image" (teach man Gospel)

    (Gen. 1:27) So GOD(not us) CREATED Adam and Eve in His image - NEPHILIM Angels.

  • Why does the Bible?

    For the simple fact that the Holy Bible is the word of God, given and transmitted by Him, on the minds and hearts of His faithful believers.

    The Holy Bible is one, and it contains the same arguments and words described, if there is anything strange, that Bible has been tampered with by heretical religions.

    Heaven is visible, therefore, it is real, as real is the other dimension in which you will live, Heaven or Hell, to you, the free choice.

    Revelation chapter 22:18-19.18 I declare to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book that if anyone adds to these things, different words, God will send upon him the wounds described in this book. 19 And if any man take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his portion of the book of life from the holy city and the things described in this book.

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    I hope you will understand the gist of what I am saying here:-

    If God had said to the authors of the scriptures that, in 4,000 years time, approximately 1/3 of the earth's inhabitants would have access to a TV you must know what the reply would have been .... ? "What is a TV, Lord?"

    You cannot teach man that which is beyond his capability to understand.

    1) The first 14 billion years is irrelevant to salvation and was beyond any human's ability to understand until relatively recent times in terms of the earth's history.

    2) Christians have different opinions so you can't generalise. The scriptures say that man was formed from the soil. This implies a process, the exact timescale of which is unspecified other than being described as "one day". Because of what is also said in the scriptures this 'day' could be anywhere from 1000 years to 100 billion years. The scriptures clearly say that the soul of Adam was breathed into him which implies that he was not complete until that actually happened. This means that 'man' may have gone through many stages in his development prior to that but none of these stages were the finished or completed article. The one thing that we know about a new species is that they have to be created in pairs. The original scriptures would appear to have been altered from the statement of Eve being "hewn" from Adam i.e. separated from him whilst he slept. This gave rise to the conjoined twins theory who were separated by a supernatural event. This is actually a significantly plausible theory.

    3) There is only One Creator of all things and He has provided proof to many generations and peoples including a great number who were not or are not Christians. No, Christians do not have a monopoly on the Divine Creator but they are still right in their fundamental beliefs in His existence and in His Christ, Jesus, who was and is and always will be.

    4) Yes, when the physical shell is discarded, the spirit or soul will retain knowledge of previous deeds and all will be reminded of those deeds and judged accordingly. Those who have been forgiven for their wrongdoings will be blessed and rejoice whilst those who are not forgiven will be rejected and in despair. However, the mercy of Almighty God will eventually triumph even over this.

    The greatest mistake any human being can make is to underestimate the mercy of Almighty God which transcends and surpasses all understanding.

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    2 months ago

    The Christian bible asserts that the universe is 6,000 years old (which it could be in God's years if God was near a black hole, since General Relativity shows that time slows in large gravitational fields).  Alternatively, God could be going very fast.  But, it makes more sense that God is stationary.  Christians believe that God created Adam out of dirt, then created Eve out of Adam's rib.  This isn't far from the scientist's (evolutionist's) view that life was created by chemicals (which is what dirt is made of).  Christians have faith, and apparently most are totally unaware of the science of DNA which proves evolution.  DNA evidence is so solid that it is used in courts to decide lawsuits.  I don't know if souls retain their memories of Earth.  Most religions that believe in reincarnation believe that when they are born again, they forget their past existence in heaven and earth.  I don't remember dying before, so I can't tell you what it is like.  We could argue that if we don't know something, it must be true.  But there are so many things that we don't know, that it would be ridiculous to assert this.  For example, we could assert that Santa Claus is real, then argue that it is the same as asserting that God is real.

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    2 months ago

    You should stick to the single question/answer format. Each of these are quite large questions

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    1) because it has nothing  important to do with the salvation on humans, the bible is not a world wide history or science text, it deals with Gods interaction with humans.

    2) Many do, some take the stories about Adam and Eve  as literal and others as figurative. 

     3) experience, logic, and history.

    4) Scripture seems to indicate that we retain memories and others indicate that once God remakes the universe we will not. 

    Catherine is clueless about the Bible and Christianity. 

    1) The Bible contains 66 different books composed over a few hundred years by  different authors. 

    2) Many Christens have no problem with evolution but with the religion of materialism. 

    3)  God and Gods relationship with his children is the center of Christianity not the bible, which is used to reveal God and his dealings with us and is a teacher in that we learn from what happened to others.

    4) She again is wrong -  In Christianity one does not have to be dead to experience heaven or even hell. 

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    1) It's because Bible was written by a novelist, AFTER the emergence of life on earth.

    2) Christians hate evolution, since it questions their religious fairy tales and beliefs.

    3) It's because of they're desperate to be right, since once again it would question their religious stories.

    4) It would be only to the condition people are still alive once they reach the heaven. BUT: Memory works only on ALIVE people (talk with a neurologist). Short your question doesn't make sense, since religious believers claim people have to be dead for be in imaginary places like: heaven or hell.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    1. No such thing. You need a math lesson.

    2.  No such thing as biological evolution.

    3.  He proves himself to us.

    4.  There are some passages that support that contingency.

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