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Have my recent traumatic events, caused my pre-existing mental disorders to worsen?

I will start by saying, I have had emotional and behavioral problems every since early childhood and I am 34 now. I have currently been diagnosed with about four different disorders.

Myself and a close family member is concerned  , due to the fact that my agitation, anger and confrontational behaviors have intensified over the past few months.

Also now more so than ever, I have been misunderstanding or misinterpreting what is being said to me. Also misunderstanding and confusion with written material.

Traumatic event #1: Back in  Feb of 2019, I had a nervous breakdown and became majorly depressed due to a failed relationship. I loved the person dearly and they meant the world to me. It destroyed my trust for other people.  I have become more angry , more confrontational and more socially withdrawn .

Traumatic event #2: On June 22nd , I contracted a very mild case of covid-19.

I was symptomatic for a total of three weeks. Despite my physical symptoms being mild , mentally I was distraught and terrified because I was not sure if I would survive.

My question is: Do you believe the 2 most recent events I described , is causing my mental health to worsen?

Even though the failed relationship was 18 months ago, do you think I am still very bothered by the situation today?

Am I experiencing PTSD?


Not that it matters, but I was hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital for three days back in Feb 2019 due to feelings surrounding the breakup. I wanted to self harm.

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