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If black lives matters then why are blacks hating against their own kind? ?

First off, I have to make this very clear that I am black,, young female, upcoming entrepreneur. I see first hand of my race putting one another down, and not supporting one another just because they are who they are. they don’t want them to get ahead. I see people wearing all these Tshirts all sorts of Merch but aren’t understanding the root of the issue. If you can stand up and say I support my kind in all they do positive and not when some ones life is taken Then your a true supporter of the movement! You can want to riot to me BLACK LIVES Matter should be a movement of black coming together sincerely to help build up one another to stop the violence, to help each other grow their business, build each other up, be that motivation...etc!!! I started a company and my own people won’t support me but my life matters? How when your not supporting me when I’m asking so how do my black live matter? 

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    It's human nature to tear down people making it on their own. It stems from personal insecurities. It's done subconsciously. We might tell ourselves, "yes, let's support such and such type businesses", but when a friend starts their own, the green eyed monster wakes up inside of us, we start thinking we're going to lose our friend, so we drive them away. "Oh you think you're better than us now!?"

    Rather than be inspired, we're insecure. Rather than help our friends, we hope they fail so we can remain equal, and it's easier to sabotage someone than to self improve.

    These same people will usually turn around and jump ship the moment they have the opportunity.

    Actually, that just reminded me of the scene from Next Friday. Uncle Elroy. "I know what you're thinkin, I was the one who said I loved the hood. I was the one who said I wasn't never gonna be one of those who would make a little money and leave the hood. But as soon as I got my check, I WAS GONE!"

    It's subconscious and it stems from personal insecurities.

    Don't let them hold you back. That's why entrepreneurs tell you not to worry about the haters. They know the struggle.

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