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Why don't people want kids knowing what gay means yet?

I found out what gay meant when I was 12 years old when I found out that Obama was in support of same-sex marriage. My first thought after hearing same-sex marriage was such a thing was more of like well who wouldn't support such a thing. It was more of the non support of gay rights is what kinda damaged me as a child. Even if I had family members telling me it was wrong I did have a set view of there is nothing wrong with this and you can't tell me otherwise. I believe in reincarnation so don't use the Bible to tell me it's wrong. Also before the age of 12 I would have gay be mentioned to me on TV and movies. Because my family would allow me to watch Family Guy and I also saw Talladega Nights when it was new I didn't know what gay meant so any reference to it would just go over my head. Also something I am actually disappointed I did was I found out someone I went to school with had 2 moms and I harassed him for a day because of that pretty much exposing to the whole school that he had 2 moms. I was still young at the time and he was being a jerk to me and that was my idea of getting back at him. I still do feel bad for doing that actually. So in the end I actually think it's find teaching kids that gay people exist. And it's not indoctrination either way because all I heard was same-sex marriage and right away I supported it there was no you better support this or your wrong or anything like that. Just a child who didn't know what it meant and then supports it right away.

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    Some people coddle their kids way too much and don't prepare them for the real world. But most schools these days will have gay parent couples who show up at events and such. So it's not like children don't see this in their daily lives. You don't even really have to "teach" it. You can just explain that so and so has two moms and so and so has two dads. Until kids are older they won't even ask the obvious questions about biology and reproduction. When you earnestly believe in Santa Claus and think the stork brings babies you don't tend to question such things. 

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