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Why my best friend always trying to convince me that i am worthless?

We are both femalesWhen i feel confidence she act like crazy and immediatly try to convince me that i am uglyShe hates if i feel confidence and she wants me to be a miserable personWhen i want to achieve something good she reminds me that i am not that specialWhy does she do that??It is like she secretly hates meShe tries all the time to put me downI want to stop make company with her because she keeps me down

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    Most people who get down on someone when they have good things going for them, do it because they are insecure themselves and are jealous that you have it better than them. She obviously has her own issues and is attacking you because you’re confident in your self and doing well. A real friend will want to see you succeed and be there for you even if things aren’t the best for themselves. I wouldn’t be friends with her anymore, you don’t need that kind of negativity.

  • 2 months ago

    She is not your best friend rather your enemy. Stay away from her en be ur own friend.

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