What tattoo would look good here?

I have this lovely colorful mandala like butterfly, heart, and dragon fly as well as a couple flowers below my elbow. I also have this dull wolf and dream catcher combo on my upper arm. From the elbow going up there is nothing. From the crease going up I have about 10 inches of space but plenty around the sides. Need help with ideas to complete my arm that goes well with geometric shapes and the wolf/dream catcher tattoo. 

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  • 4 months ago
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    pardon my botched answer but I get an alice and wonderland vibe from this. Maybe you can watch the film to get inspiration! Caterpillars, cocoons, vines, different shaped flowers with the same geometric theme within it but reverse the colors so more red less yellow. Nice work. I want to get another tattoo myself but IDK how I want it. 

  • 4 months ago

    I would research into "negative space" tattoos. They essentially create an image using gaps in the ink to allow the "skin itself" to contribute to the overall drawing. For what you have already, I would advise going a route that's not too conventional but just might come together swimmingly.

    Idea: If you already have several major themes on your arm (butterflies, dream catcher, wolf, butterfly, heart, dragon fly) you don't want to include too many more "solid pieces". Meaning, you want their to be a natural flow and rhythm to everything on your arm. You don't want a bunch of singular, separate entities all packed together one after the other.

      Imagine looking at an uninterrupted, flowing stream. It's peaceful and calming. Imagine the same stream, but every few feet there's some big jutting rock coming out of the ground. It's a little less aesthetically pleasing because its broken up so consistently.....that's just how the human mind works and analyzes things.

      You want the uninterrupted stream, so my idea to get that "vibe" is as follows:

    Negative space full sleeve. You've already gotten so much done on this arm, at this point you might as well just finish it off and do it well. You could create the full sleeve that links all the ideas together.....something like a a bunch of additional flowers/vines/mountain range/flowing river linked all together through the use of negative space. 

    Essentially, think of the background colors being black or dark blue, and all the other images are simply woven into them using your own skin, just outlined in such a way you can tell what it is.

    That's my ideas, attached is a picture to illustrate what negative space is like.

    Good luck!

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