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Why did democrats launch a 60-day filibuster in a attempt to stop the civil rights act from passing?


My bad.  There was indeed a single Republican Senator who joined the otherwise entirely democratic effort to prevent the civil rights act from passing.  Thanks for pointing that out.   

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    Not true.  One of those involved in the filibuster was a republican.    

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    Southern Democrats led by Strom Thurmond filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act.   It took 60 days before people got sick of it and voted for cloture.  

    Back then, you had to be talking on the floor of the Senate and no other senate business could be done. Nowadays, they just accept that any major bill will need 60 votes to pass.

    Thurmond had filibustered the 1957 civil rights act too.  Thurmond, who completed the longest federal filibuster in US history (24 hours, 18 minutes), had a bucket in the senate cloakroom he could pee while keeping one foot on the Senate floor.

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    Democrats were still sore about anti-lynching laws and the civil rights act was an even bigger outrage. 

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    Because Strom Thurmond was a lifelong Democrat  

    Oh........ wait....... 

    Hmm... funny how almost all of the supporters of segregation swapped to the GOP in the 60s!

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    Democrats were clearly going to lose the vote in congress and LBJ needed a political win badly. It wasn't until LBJ changed his position and convinced his caucus by famously telling them "if we vote for this, we'll have those n***ers voting democrat for the next 100 years". He could read the tea leaves and they knew they could spin the narrative. 

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    It was 75 days before Republicans could pass it. Democrats didn't want it passed, obviously.

    @ Adolf: You do know that Hitler was over 50 years ago, right? DUH!

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    congress is about deal making and this too was used in that process

    bad democrats were in the  KKK members (Robert Bird) 

    the good Democrats feared that making a law to force undoing behavior that was already not legal would lead to unbalance as we seen now in BLM , the idea violence today against people who had no part in the bad action of the past or of individual police actions.  

    The good democrats were afraid of the consequences of laws that say injustice now reverse injustice in the past. This is just what BLM want today. 

    The Republican of that time had moved to the left wanting more power in government and in the name of force fairness passed laws that never helped the people who were self starters and placed problem people above the hard workers. 

    the civil rights act were good intentions leading to bad outcome 

    the fact is deal making is why people want power - and power means federal tax  money to their area... just as now Covid19 creates demand for more federal tax money and after the BLM riots states and cities will demand federal money to rebuild what was destroyed by BLM

    the good Dems and the Bad Dems for two different reasons agreed to filibuster 

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    That was the southern conservative democrats.  The Democratic leadership wanted the bill passed.  The majority leader, Mike Mansfield, sent it directly to the Senate floor because the committee was headed by a southern Democrat who would have killed it in committee.  Passage of that bill was the beginning of the end for Democrats in the south.   Your version of history is thin crap.

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    Anything over 50 years ago, is irrelevant. Both parties are now panderers to the black subhuman, so both should be crushed. Death to the politician!

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    A notable historian and philosopher said the other day that Trump is the worse criminal in history.

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    Democrats supported slavery, tried to deny blacks the right to vote, passed anti-black Jim Crow laws, and founded the KKK.   It should come as no surprise democrats tried to prevent the civil rights act from passing.     

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