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What does this japanese inscription mean?

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    八重桓 (Ya-ey-GA-Kee) Thats the name for a brand of Sake (Japanese wine).

    The first Kanji on top says "Eight" (八, also pronounced as Hachi)

    second Kanji reads "repeating' or "heavy"/ "expensive" (重)

    Third Kanji "everlasting/endearing" (桓)

    Fourth Kanji "娓" (compliant) (pronounced as Suna'o, or "Bi")

    八重桓 娓 = Yaegaki Bi, or Yaegaki Sunao depending on what the manufacture intends bcoz Kanji can be pronounced a variety of ways.

    The two small script on the left hand says "enduring moon" or "Long moon/long month" (久月) Kyuugetsu (K-YUU- Gey-TSOO)

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    The name of the doll is (八重垣姫=Yaegaki Hime), and (久月=kyu-getsu) is the name of the production company.

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