I need health advice regarding mucus and blood in stool?

So I had posted around 8 months back that I had large amount of blood in stool along with blood and I was afraid it was cancer and all. Everyone assured me its not cancer and adviced me to go see a doctor. I made an appointment explained the situation and he wrote me off some meds and told me if it still occurs after the meds duration has finished then come back for a colonoscopy. After the meds the symptoms were gone but i had plain mucus discharge with no blood a week after so just to be safe I ran back and had a colonoscopy which came completely clear. He told me its probably nothing and you have ibs. The very first incident happened in nov of 2019 and I had my colonscopy at the very end of jan 2020. Now a lot of time has passed and although I didnt have any symptoms until now besides small clear mucus discharge on only 2 ocations since january. Until today 3rd of august late night at 3 am I had finished binge watching a show and went to the toilet. I was expecting poop and was greeted by the same large amount of mucus with some blood or red broken membrane in it. It just doenst make sense, I had a clear colonoscopy. I am terrified and I have no one to go to. All the hospitals are pre occupied with the corona virus and its really not a good time to go back to the doctors. Besides I have payed a lot of money for the colonoscopy back in january as I dont have any insurance. I have no choice but to ask for advice here atleast until the pandemic is over. I am 20 male btw.

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  • k w
    Lv 7
    4 months ago

    then do read [ notmilk dot com ] you need to read it cuz no doctor or professional will tell you

  • Tavy
    Lv 7
    4 months ago

    We ALL get mucus in our stools it is the colons way of lubricating the area so stools pass through easily. Sounds as if you have an internal hemmerhoid, most of us have them including me.  The red membrane was poo.

    So stop panicking and get some Meds from a pharmacy for  hemerhoids.

    You don't have cancer.

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