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My friend thinks I'm doing better in life now and that I don't need her and will just leave her as I get better, why?

I've never looked down on her and I made it clear I wasn't using her when I spoke about my problems. In fact I kind of stopped complaining because it is a bad habit.

For years I have been quite depressed and down and she always told me I had great potential to do things and only I think lowly of myself. She even said I will beat everyone if I put effort.

Little by little I started putting effort but I'm far from where I want to be like getting a job and relationship etc.

I learnt to cook and was doing some decorating things and during lockdown we didn't speak because I felt that she was being a bit judgmental to others while doing the same things  so I kept my distance but was not funny with her.

She saw i cooked something and made decor nice so she messaged me telling me she always told me if I put effort i will beat everyone and I won't need her anymore and it looks great.

Honestly I am still fighting many battles even though I'm not vocal about it and processing alot of things. I thanked her and said I wanted her more then I needEd her and she just sent a heart and I didn't know what to say anymore.

But I'm not sure where is this coming from. Is she somehow competing with me and feeling bad or if she just is feeling bad and its in her mind that people will leave her. But my intuition says something is not healthy. Unless I'm just learning to deal with things and I don't have mental energy to process the situation 

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