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I want my body to look better, what excercises can do that?

I'm trying for a bigger but and flatter stomach. Bigger breasts if possible, I don't think that's a thing but some have told me it is. So what exercises should I do to achieve those things and how often should I do them? I know absolutely nothing about exercising, I normally just take an hour walk everyday to burn a few calories.

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    Flatter stomach - abs are made in the kitchen so eat clean.

    Larger breasts - other than getting implants, you can do exercises that work the chest (pectoral) muscles, so the breasts appear more uplifted. You can look up chest exercises online or youtube videos. 


    When doing strength training exercises (like for the chest) don't do them more often than every other day. The key is to not work the same muscle group 2 days in a row, when strength training. Cardio can be done daily. You can also look up ab/core workouts to firm the muscles of your midsection. 

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    if you want bigger boobs its not about exercise its about making sure your fat goes in the right places. first of all for a smaller/flatter stomach id try to just diet a lot and eat as little as you can. when you do eat, make sure you wear one of those wrap tight things around your waist. or if you can invest in a corset, those are super ideal. what that does is firstly it makes your stomach so small that you'll hardly eat before you get full, keeping you slim. whatever you do eat though will go to your boobs and/or butt. it'll also generally make you have more hourglass proportions. I dont know why you'd want a bigger stomach. ideally you make it flatter and SMALLER

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    For Chest - do pushups

    Otherwise do situps/crunches (reverse crunches)Try to do planks and hold as long as u canIf you have something to pullup / hang, do pull-ups and leg-raisesIf you got dumbbells you could do a lot moreTo get a sixpack you may need to change your dietTry to do 45-60 Minutes of workout per dayIf your muscles are sore - you need to recover, maybe take a rest day every second daySo one day of working out - one day resting ..

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    squats and crunches. there's no way to get bigger knockers tho sorry.

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