Do you agree that a plain car can be attractive?

I think so. Because plain isn't the same as ugly. And fancy doesn't mean attractive. In my opinion a car can be fancy but ugly. 

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  • 2 months ago
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    We must have different terms of reference, because I see fancy cars as being ugly and the attractive ones are always plain. 

    Like a room decorated in Bric-A-Brac vs a minamalist design

  • 2 months ago

    any car can be attractive tbh it's just how you drive her and care for her. 

    i drive to work in a rich neighborhood and every day i seen all these rich people with tesla's, lambo's, etc.. they are not like the newest models they are older models so a bit cheaper but still expensive. to me i don't care for those and when i look at how people drive um i feel sad because they don't really drive um it's more like they are cruising at a slow speed to show off that they have money. 

    then you got people like me we got some ugly cars but damn we can drive. im driving my grandpa's soccer mom van and occassionally i will race random people on the streets if they want but they always get a good laugh seeing how fast she can go yet how ugly it is plus it being a van and stock as well. hard to race here though we have no track to safely race so everything is on the streets and that is dangerous. of course i don't race people if it's dangerous not worth it. lots of people here die from speed alone. 

    all cars are attractive though. at first i didn't like this van tbh i thought it was ugly and drove kinda meh.. but after a while it grew on me. contemplating on actually fixing it up and doing some engine work and all that but this is my only car so maybe not i'd like a back up car plus a van is too much for me. i drive alone majority of the time not like i have kids or anything. 

  • 2 months ago

    The car is as attractive as the driver makes it and maintains it

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