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How to prepare for a wrong way crash, most likely a drunk driver?

Where I live there was several wrong way drivers on a highway and several people were killed. I have Toyota Prius 2020 . If I see a wrong way driver full speed on a highway, what position should I put car, where I have a high chance of surviving .what to do 

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    1 month ago

    Tourists do it too and they are sober. Stay off the road tbh until the day you realize that MOST DO NOT DRIVE THAT WAY.   It is kind of like winning the Lottery. Your chances are that great.  Drive an Abrams tank...or take the bus...or walk.

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    1 month ago

    If you see him, bear right, Default that he Might come to his senses and get back in his right lane. Don't bear left to avoid him for this reason.

    If this wont work, aim for something cheap. A ditch if you have to. If in an underpass, you may not have an opportunity nor time to escape. Brake hard, brace for collision.  An UP is lit at night (usually) so chances of seeing him and avoiding might be better than open   hiway.  

    REF: Cal. Driver's safety  handbook.

    @erik: NO. There were 3 in the Phoenix Metro area in 3 weeks, Got to be a joke; "Phoenix drivers  forget they aren't on holiday in England" .A biker must be prepared for any scenario.  I  slid under a flatbed that swerved into my lane with no signal or warning.  A cage would have hit it,  right at windshield height.

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    Of the several wrong way crashes where I live, I noticed some common circumstances between them. All involved dark colored cars, running at night without lights, on a freeway, in the far left lane, and collided with a vehicle that was cruising the left lane.

    If you use the far left lane at night, an unlit car will appear as only a shadow, so you are safer if you see red taillights of the car you are following.

    Do not follow close, if the car ahead suddenly swerves, you need time to react.

    Stay as far right as practical and be prepared to leave the pavement to the right if needed.

    Never mindlessly steer your car straight ahead without paying attention to what is happening ahead.

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    If you drive a 2020 Prius, you should drive as fast as that thing will go, straight into a bridge abutment. You're second on the db list behind BMW owners. Thanks

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  • Edna
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    2 months ago

    If you see a driver coming head-on at you at a high rate of speed, the best position to "put" your car is in the ditch!  Don't try to pull to the right or to the left - you won't  know WHAT direction he's liable to come. Just get OFF the road and out of his way, any way you can!

     If that means putting your car into the ditch - so be it. Better your car ends up in the ditch with you alive, than a car smashing head-on into you and quite possibly killing you.

  • 2 months ago

    Highway or Interstate? If you mean a two way road then you should steer to the shoulder. The reason is that some people will realize they are in teh wrong lane and try to steer back to teh correct one. If you are on the Interstate, or a highway that is one way basically, then I'd still go toward the shoulder(in the US head toward the right basically). Expect them to realize they are going the wrong way and head left if you are in teh US, so you want to go as far right as you safely can.

  • 2 months ago

    Not in front of them.  Steer whichever way lets you drive around them.

  • Erik
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    2 months ago

    I would not worry about it.  People driving on the wrong side of the road like that are very, very rare.

  • 2 months ago

    The reason innocent bystanders die in wrong way crashes is because they generally don't have time to do anything.

    If you do, what move do you make?  The only that gets you out of their line of driving.

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