What does PROPOSED TREE mean (in landscaping)?

Hello ! I would really appreciate so much if anyone could help me with the definition of PROPOSED TREE in landscaping . I am an english to russian translator and unfortunately i could not find a description or explanation of this word combination in the landscaping context. 

Thank you in advance!


I need to put Russian for 'proposed' tree 

if you change it with another adjective what would it be?

Update 2:

I mean I need a synonym for 'proposed' 

Update 3:

Thanks, I know what proposed means. I put a question because I thought there might be a special landscaping term for that. 

Update 4:

For someone clever like Anonymous: I know what i do , okay. Don't waste your time giving useless or obvious answers. 

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    It is used in street design too for tree plantings along footpaths. It allows people to consider the consequences of having a tree at that point. Will it make access to an area more difficult? Will it be a traffic hazard? Will it cut the view or shade an area where sun is expected or required? It allows people using the garden or the road to think about whether a tree in that spot will be beneficial or otherwise and if there are reasons not to plant a tree there, to voice them so that the objections will  be considered before planting.

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