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😡 🤬 my amazon prime order is late, what do i do?

i even selected same day shipping with my dads prime account and they said it should be expected by 9 pm. now its 9:30 pm and i even went on the website to track the package and it said "Sorry we're late expect it by Wednesday" WHAT THE.....? why did we even pay for amazon prime when i would have gotten it on Wednesday without the prime subscription? what can i do about this? 😡 🤬 😡 🤬 😡 🤬 😡 🤬 😡 🤬 😡 🤬 😡 🤬 😡 🤬


@Expat we pay them 90 dollars every year, i expect them not to lie to me

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    You can call prime and ask for an extra month of service.

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    You do what any logical person would do.  You contact Amazon (likely through your order history) and complain.  Unless you're an a-hole and **** someone off, they'll take care of you.  This isn't a mom and pop organization.  They actually do try to make up for missed shipments.  

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    Oh my god! You should totally sue and demand $10,000,000 because you had to wait longer than a day! When you get over yourself you might start to realize that this, on a scale of actual problems, doesn't register. Cancel your Prime subscription if you're upset. We're in a pandemic and there's a LOT of disruption going on. 

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