Is it true that slobs never marry?

My aunt and uncle (my immediate family) they have a neighbor next door to them that I really like as a friend. The neighbor is a lot older than me, but I think he's a good friend. Now, my aunt and uncle don't hate him, but they say he's a scumbag, never cleans his house or his lawn, that he never married and had a relationship with one lady and they had his daughter and never married and they split up when the daughter got older, had another relationship with another woman and got engaged last year but this year they broke it off, and they say he'll never marry because he's a scumbag. I know I'm blind and can't see his house or what he looks like, but I like to believe what I want and I don't believe he's a scumbag or any of the baggage my family told me. I'm not saying they would lie to me, but I think they're just wrong and they can't possibly know everything about him just because he's their neighbor, and they sometimes overexaggerate situations. But if it turns out that they're right about him, I'm just wondering is it true that slobs never marry or could there be some slobs that do get married? 

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  • 3 months ago
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    How about you leave the guy alone and focus on getting your life in order. The moment you (or your family)  make fun someone else, you forget about yourself. One day you may end up just like him or even worse. 

    Plus you don't know anything about him. He may have certain health condition or bad past relationship that made him feel that way. YOU DON'T KNOW!!

    Every person has their own life and experiences. We grow up differently and have different circumstances. Be thankful with what you've got and don't make fun of anyone and focus on yourself. 

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    You went blind recently? I'm so sorry.  I didn't realize that.

    Some slobs marry.  Other slobs do not.  Judgmental people shouldn't get married.

    Why is it your aunt and uncle's business that this man was engaged and broke the engagement?

    If he's not clean report him to the Health Department.

  • 3 months ago

    I know a woman who is a total slob - always was.  Everything she touches turns toShit.... she doesn't bathe regularly, never washes her hands (and i mean NEVER, even after she uses the toilet).  Does not use deodorant and goes around smelling like rotten onions.  Somehow she found a husband -- i don't really understand how a man could marry a dirty woman.  I can't even imagine the state of her crotch.  But all i can figure is the guy must have been desperate. 

    I can say i've never been that desperate. 

  • 3 months ago

    Beta males get married. They put too must trust in female nature, not realizing that they are just people and at the end of the day and they will always have the ability to hurt you. If you're married and she cheats, you can't just leave. Now you're stuck looking stupid and have to go through a bunch of bullsh*t paperwork and waste a lot of time and money. I don't think there's any benefits for a man getting married, except to lose half the things that he and he alone has worked for. If a woman truly loves you, then a title won't matter to her. She's happy just to be with you, because she realizes that life is too short to worry about dumb sh*t that won't matter years later once they turn into dust.

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  • Kieth
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    3 months ago

    I've been married twice, who says?

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