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What should I do??

My baby’s dad wants to meet his son for the first time and we were going to fly down there to see him. I’m supposed to go there in 2 weeks but I heard there was a big spike of Covid cases and now I’m worried to go down there. I have a one year old son and I’m worried that him or I will get it and then when we get home, give it to my parents. Obviously my one year old is my first priority and I’m worried that both of us will get it. But it’s also 2 weeks out so maybe the cases will go down by then? What should I do? Should I wait it out to see if the cases go down or should I cancel the flights and change it to September or October so the cases have a lot of time to go down before then?

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    Definitely cancel and rebook. Going into a covid hotspot is just asking for the worst thing to happen. What will happen to your son if you get sick? I mean you are young, and probably healthy, but this sht is not something to mess with. Totally healthy people have been left with complications that they can't shake. Be safe, don't take the chance.

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    If your baby daddy wants to meet your child, then he should get his @ss up there to you to meet his child.  I'm sure there's some story why he can't do it, but if he cared at all he'd work it out.  

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