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What does it mean?

I am not a native English speaker. I asked the teacher who use English to teach whether a score of a course will enter GPA counts. The teacher responded to me like this. 

"It is an S/U grading scheme for this course and therefore is not used in GPA calculation (but the credits will be counted in your transcript)."What does it mean? Why is it not included in the GPA and still on the transcript? This means that specific grade will be marked on the transcript, but the grade is not counted in GPA?( If you know you can explain it in English, Thank you.)

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    You don't get an actual grade for that class, so it can't count in your GPA.

    If you get a Satisfactory (S), then you will receive the credits from that class toward your degree.  If you get an Unsatisfactory (U), then you will not receive the credits from that class toward your degree.

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    S/U stand for 'Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory'. The course will appear on your transcript regardless of if you get an S or a U. However, you only get the credits for the class if you get an S.

    Sometimes it is a good idea to take a class as S/U, mainly when the subject is not one of the student's strongest areas. For example, suppose a student would probably only manage a C grade (2.0 grade) in a certain class. If taken as a normal, counts toward GPA class, this C grade might drag down the person's overall GPA.

    If the option to take the class as S/U is there, the student might be better off taking the class that way. The theoretical C grade mentioned above now becomes an S grade (non-GPA counting). The student earns the credits for the class, but avoids possibly dragging down their overall GPA.

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