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Why does my skin look like this after epilation?

I’m sick of it. After I epilate or even wax, any hair removal that removes it from the root, I feel like the results last about a week and a half then the follicle become dark and the pore/follicle underneath can be squeezed out. It’s really strange. And sometimes the hair grow as if they’re a scab, the hair grows all curled and I have to scratch at it to let it loose. The hair doesn’t grow back less + finer as it’s supposed to, and I even have a hair that has completely grown out underneath the skin. It’s too deep to get in there with tweezers. I don’t like shaving at all, it’s itchy and doesn’t give the result I want. Granted I will admit, the epilator I was using was fairly old, maybe blunt and my technique is flawed. And with waxing I’m only a beginner. But I just constantly get these dark squeezable pores and I have the compulsion to skin pick, so I absolutely tear away at them thus ruining the skin on my legs. I have many scars now. I like having smooth legs too, not a fan of leg hair. You can see my dilemma. Is my skin too sensitive? Is it just because of a bad epilator and poor aftercare? I can barely find any information online about the squeezable dark follicle. Please help if you can I’m sick of having this issue. 

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    Women with sensitive skin have been shaving with great success for 7 decades. There are excellent women razors on the market now. Needs be done daily for that incredibly smooth feeling but it appears you are overlooking a proven product with proven success. Shaving also helps to exfoliate. 

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