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Can I safely jog on a treadmill at my speed? Am I really jogging 7.02 miles per hour?

According to the ruler on Google Earth, I jog 3.8 miles in 32 minutes and 30 seconds. This is 7.02miles per hour, according to a website I used. I know that my workout is safe, but I'm worried about using a treadmill. My worry is that the distance on Google Earth may be wrong, so I may go too fast on a treadmill, and I could temporarily injure myself from over doing it. I don't do any strength training, which makes it easier to injure myself.

Is jogging 7.02 miles per hour for 32 minutes and 30 seconds feasible?

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    That is 8:33 / mile pace. 

    * For most people, that would be running, not jogging. 

    * It's a good training pace. 

    * A lot of runners do workouts at similar pace, and many of them for distances of more than 3.8 miles.

    * So, yes, it's feasible, whether you are on a treadmill or outdoors. 

    Most runners will find running on a treadmill at incline zero to be slightly easier than running the same distance at the same pace outdoors. To make the treadmill closer to outdoor equivalent, set the the incline to 2% grade.

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