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Menopause ?

Please share your Menopause symptoms

I am not sure if feeling anxious and palpitations are symptoms of Menopause I thought it was just hot flushes

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    When I went through menopause, I didn't feel anxious, or have palpitations, or have hot flashes. I just stopped having periods - just like that - and that's all there was to menopause as far as I was concerned.

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    During my 40's (from about 44 to 47), I started having very irregular periods and heavy bleeding.  The worst was bleeding that lasted for nearly a full month.  The bleeding issue was being caused by fibroids which can develop before menopause.  The doctor kept saying that they would shrink again when I reached full menopause.  After about three years of these issues with some bleeding being so heavy that I couldn't leave home at all, I consulted another doctor and ended up being able to have a hysterectomy.  Getting a hysterectomy is considered "medical menopause" since you no longer have periods but it was due to a medical procedure.  I did keep one ovary, so I still had natural hormones and didn't go on any hormone replacement at the time.   I had the surgery at the age of 47.

    I am now 55.  I am sure that I would have reached natural menopause by now anyway, so my one ovary probably isn't producing much in the way of hormones anymore.  My main symptoms after the surgery have been just a few issues with hot flashes (not very often at all), dry skin is an ongoing issue and my hair is drier and breaks easier than it did in the past.  I also had night sweats for a short time.  My symptoms have never been bad enough to make me feel like I needed to use any kind of hormone replacement therapy to get through the issues.  For the past couple of years, the only remaining issues have been the dry skin and the easily damaged hair.  I don't really feel like I ever had bad mood swings or anger issues.  I am a fairly easy going person and it has always taken a lot to anger me.  I don't feel like that changed.  (and I really think my husband of 33 years would have let me know about it if I was being an unreasonable b....)

    Feeling anxious is an emotional state and menopause can mess with your feelings.  Palpitations can happen because of anxiety so the two issues might be closely connected.  

    If you haven't had a full physical check-up for a while, it might be a good time to get one.  

    BTW - Not every woman going through menopause will experience every possible symptom.  There is a wide range of symptoms and some issues may bother some women more than what it bothers other women.  Your experience is going to be unique to you.

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    Bad temper, angry, tense, hair loss, tired, forgetful, no periods, then heavy periods, dry skin, loss of libido. Hot flushes, sweating at night.

    Then I went on HRT and became normal again.


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    I have been in full menopause for 11 years.

    1.Hot flashes(especially from the neck up (low estrogen.... need to be replace lost estrogen.

    2.  Heavier and shorter periods, or periods that can last up to 10 days. Women, believe it or not, can hit menopause as early as 25.   You will reach FULL menopause when you go 2 years with no periods.  Although spotting is normal.  click the link.....

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