Will a chest X-Ray show i smoke?

Ive always told drs etc i dont smoke when i have actually been a mild smoker (around one every day-2 days) with breaks for about a 2 years. I have recently quit smoking (4 months) but as i have had a persistent cough i am going for a chest x ray soon and just wondered if they would be able to tell i use to smoke this much. I know every cigarette harms your lings and health but will the lungs have repaired and will they be able to put the damage directly down to smoking from a chest xray. I also caved about 3 weeks ago and had a fee luffs of a cigarette (one time only and never again hopefully) so would this effect anything?

Thanks in advanced for the help im paniking a bit.



*few puffs

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  • 4 months ago
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    First, you know they dont care except as it might be important in your care. Then, Xrays wont show smoking per se, only if there is some chronic lung change from smoking. Lung damage is on the cellular level at the alveoli and after a certain point is not repaired at all, that shows up often but so do other indicators like pulse oximetry. You would be foolish to not tell them what you smoke if there is enough damage to see it on xray.

  • 4 months ago

    Probably not. But tell them the truth anyway that you are a very light smoker with no more than 1 a day for 2 years. If you smoked more before then tell them about it. They will NOT judge you, their job is to diagnose and help you to get better.

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