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What if World Wars I and II had never happened?

Would European empires and monarchies across the continent still exist, although with figurehead emperors and significant autonomy for various ethnic groups?  Or would Austria-Hungary and the Russian Empire still have vanished and become republics?

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    Without WW1, WW2 would of never happened.  The US would of remained rather isolated, and never of become the economic and scientific powerhouse that it is, as European powers would of been able to invest into business without said businesses getting blown up.  WW1 cause massive spikes into the development of any number of medical treatments, including anti-viral research, that would of been delayed for decades.


    We can assume that European nations might of continued to function as empires for quite a time to come.  In the US, WW2 created a surge of equality campaigns that might not of come or been delayed for years.


    No one can say anything for certain, but I definitely think it's fair to say that the America of such a peaceful universe would be underwhelming compared to the actual thing.

  • Marli
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    2 months ago

    Who knows?  

    There were major  protests in Russia in 1905. Even assassinations. Anarchists. Bolshevists. The Duma was an anemic newborn baby. I think the situation was too volatile to hope for a constitutional monarchy; but the autocracy would not have lasted long.Franz Ferdinand and Karl are shadows to me.  Were they reactionaries? Would either or both have been "enlightened despots" or accepted a reduced power role?  Would there have been a palace coup to dethrone or assassinate Franz Ferdinand? He wasn't liked, even by Emperor Franz Josef. Would Serbia have been a threat? The Balkan Peninsula was unstable. There likely would have been a war, and Austria and Serbia would have called upon their allies. World War I might have been inevitable.

    But who knows?

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    2 months ago

    Impossible question  to answer, as World Wars I and II are now part of History. And it's impossible to change History.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Let's play the guessing game shall we?

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