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Can I get herpes from fingering my girlfriend? (lesbian)?

Hello! I recently started a relationship with a new girlfriend and she informed me she has genital herpes. That was not a deal breaker for me because I like her very much. We already talked about and agreed on using protection like dental dams and using condoms on our toys every time we’re intimate. I wanted to know if I could contract the virus by just fingering her, and washing my hands afterwards. I looked online, but I couldn’t find any answers. Please help!! Any advice is very appreciated!

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    Not every one has genital herpes, about 40 percent of people that are sexually active has genital herpes. Most of the population has oral herpes, which is what causes cold sores. 

    No you're not going to get herpes by just fingering her (if she doesn't have any signs or symptoms of a break out then you're less likely to get it), and washing your hands would kill any signs of the herpes virus. Also if she's taking antiviral medication regularly, that helps reduce her chances of spreading it when she's in between break outs. She doesn't have to use protection on you, genital herpes doesn't commonly affect both the genitals and the mouth. But you should use dental dams when giving her oral sex. 

    I'm not a lesbian but I do have genital herpes. 

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    Talk with a doctor. I have no idea

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