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Why is acting so despised?

I was reading an article about Sandra Oh, where she says her parents did not approve of her career choice.  They believed acting was one step above prostitution.  I've done a little theater myself but I never felt like a whore.  What exactly is the problem people have with actors?  

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    I don’t think most people despise actors - I think most people don’t understand acting.

    It’s an extremely competitive and unstable career so it’s not something parents want for their kids. It’s very hard to maintain a good acting career.

    And many people have problems separating an actor from a role. Intellectually they get that an actor is not a role but at the same time the actor makes them feel emotional about a character and a story so on an emotional level they equate an actor and a role or a type of role.  They see someone act a certain way and so it feels like that’s how the actor might be.  So since an actor is willing to kiss and have romantic scenes with different people then it’s one step above prostitution in the minds of some people.

    Some people view actors as untrustworthy.  The thought is that an actor performs so well how can they tell if the actor they’re lying in real life.  People equate acting with lying and pretending - which it’s not at all.  But if someone is unfamiliar with the craft of acting they might see it that way.

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    Sandra Oh comes from what is evidently a quite traditional Korean immigrant family. Such a family is more likely to encourage their children to take up a more regular profession that will guarantee an income; the performing arts might well strike them as at best frivolous, time-wasting nonsense.

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    i don't believe that it is.

    A few ignorant people still think that way but very few.

    Some people have the idea that all female actors have to have sex with directors in order to get cast but again, that's very rare.

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    Some people think it's fake.

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  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Historically, acting started out as as low as prostitution. I'm talking Ancient Rome times. Today some parents disapprove of this career choice because it's highly unstable. 99% of actors can't pay the bills by acting alone, they have day jobs. 99.9% don't become successful enough to make it their day job. Most don't get more than a few days of work per year, in small productions, and that's if they're lucky. So parents are worried for their child's future. However, some parents come from certain cultures that see professions such as acting, modeling, dancing, etc. as selling your body, especially if you're female. Ergo prostitution. You definitely shouldn't feel that way.

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