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Mildly sick feelings after eating cereal with milk?

I got mildly sick feelings immediately after eating yoghurt with honey, half a bowl cereal with 0% milk and a sip of coffee. Had immediate diarrhea and weakness. Did someone experience something similar? Is it possible that it is because of buffalo chicken pizza I ate yesterday? May be hot weather or a depression? Just a bit dizzy and week. Cannot even thing about food now. Sorry for bother.

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  • 3 months ago

    Consider you may have a gluten intolerance that can occur if you eat baked foods that contain gluten, a protein in wheat flour and cereals.First, go to Google and read about gluten. There are many substitutes for foods without gluten. Try an experiment:  begin reading food labels that may list wheat in the food.Substitute foods that do not contain gluten as many supermarkets have special shelves of non-gluten foods. 

    Good Luck

  • 3 months ago

    I felt better after two hours, plenty of water and some ginger tea. 

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