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Is this true about conservatives?

We need to tax the rich more. 


What white people hear is this. 


We need to take from white people and give it to black and brown people. 


The GOP has spent the last 40 years convincing white people that taxing the rich is actually welfare for black and brown people.

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    Anyone that doesn't yet realise that taxes are going to rise -- particularly on the more wealthy -- to pay for Covid ,is living in cloud cuckoo land . 

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    No.  What an incredibly stupid thing to believe.  But, hardly surprising because today's left-wingers believe so many stupid and false things.

    We're just informed enough to know that there is a diminishing revenue when tax rates increase beyond a certain level, because it makes wealthy people become more active in avoiding taxes.

    We also know that for each additional dollar taken in taxes, economic activity decreases well in excess of that dollar.

    The bottom line is that a country cannot tax itself into prosperity, but it can tax itself into poverty.

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    It’s your side saying black people need reparations and you’re tired of seeing nothing but old rich White men. 

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    No. Black and brown people aren't the only poor people regardless of what Biden says. I personally oppose of overtaxing the rich (which includes to blacks like Oprah) because of the adverse effects on the economy. Also, it's just not fair to punish successful people by overtaxing them. Put yourself in their shoes. Would you be okay with building a multi billion dollar company only to have it taken from you so less productive people can get an easier life for doing less while you continue building businesses? I have no problem with taxing the rich a little more but not at the rates liberals want to tax them at. Personal responsibility and equality seem to be foreign concepts to people nowadays.

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    We have no objection to a 100 % tax on the Democrat idle 'rich' tax free foundations for Democrat crime 'families' - LIKE the BIDEN crime family who - for now, DO oddly pay taxes. Tax free Democrats do not share with Black/Brown Democrats. Ask Hillary or the Chelsea and their 'family' foundation, looted from Haiti....for your 'fair share.'

    Source(s): Hunter who will release the PRIVATE/PUBLIC tax returns for the baby mama. Any day now.
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