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What are the biggest causes of climate alarmism?

Money grab?  Neurotic people?  Anxiety?  Humanists and atheists who are worried because they always depends on their fallible selves?


It's funny how the alarmists sock puppets suddenly came out.  I count 6.  lol

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    If you're going to get worked up about more polar bears, larger food supply, less extreme weather, reforestation eclipsing deforestation, fewer deaths from weather, then....

    that is an individual dysfunction.

  • Mike
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    2 weeks ago

    Greed  ,Power and religion 

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    It's ignorance they have no idea how science works compared to "belief" plus most are emotionally unstable. See their totem "Greta"

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    2 weeks ago

    I would say uninformed individuals with money in their pockets go around brainwashing those that don't know anything, and rather than look stupid they fall into the crowd; not only by individuals but movies, tv, articles, and news. The brainwashing is scary. Those herds don't want to be called out for doing real thinking and rejecting what Greta, Gore, and Soros spout. Everyone in their right mind knows that global warming is not real. Yes the climate is changing only because that is a natural occurrence. Anyone who knows what they're talking about will say that the Earth changes and we can do absolutely nothing about that, as well as when it changes we are helpless when it happens. That's just nature and the fact is that there are too many factors besides humans that influence changes on Earth. If the herd really does its work they would see that real scientists and researchers are discredited when they speak up about the facts and go against the climate alarmist and global warming advocates. For the climate alarmists out there and all the global warming pushers I advise that you take a good look at where those GW speakers Live and how much money they make, as well as their lifestyle. I guarantee that they are living in luxury with luxury items that they claim do harm to our Earth. To conclude, I would sadly say it has more to do with brain-washing and trends than anything. You know what Is even more sad? Children are being taught that global warming is real. Yes, I am being truthful. I have two sons in elementary school and I was shocked and astounded when they both came home with "information" about it from newsletters which were paid for and distributed from that Soros character. I set my boys straight right away, but I can't believe schools have the audacity to push beliefs like that on innocent, easily swayed, young minds.

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    It's funny how people have different reactions to things.  The phenomenon of death is science and also a fact of life, but responses to it widely vary.

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    3 weeks ago

    "Climate change" is fake, and it is impossible, but the willfully ignorant masses will go along with whatever their masters the media and "experts" say, and they don't think for themselves, so they will obey

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    The biggest cause of climate alarmism is the demonstrable climate change we are experiencing.

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    All the above , especially the last.

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    3 weeks ago

    Greed and selfishness.

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