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NBA: Was 1996-97 the beginning of the end for David Robinson's prime?

David Robinson was the go-to-guy for the San Antonio Spurs from 1989-90 up until a combination of his strained lower back and a broken foot put an end to his prime years, and after coming back from injury in 97-98, D-Rob was no longer the main man as the Spurs relied on Tim Duncan from that point on for the rest of Robinson's NBA career, although Robinson got two NBA Championships out of his twilight years in 1998-99 and 2002-03.

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    Gotta disagree with you there.  True, Tim Duncan became the go-to guy after he was drafted.  But in addition to scoring, Robinson was still a key to the team in both defense and setting up the offense.  I'd agree that the final two seasons were subpar (for Robinson), but he had a tremendously successful career and is justly one of the top seven or eight centers of all time.

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    Robinson's prime came to an end during the 1996-97 season when he played in only six games due to injuries. He was still solid during his first three seasons playing alongside Duncan, but was not the same player before injuries.

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