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Any advice on improving after a breakup?

We’ve been broken up for a year now, but we’d text the odd time to see how we’re doing, i always thought this was a bad idea and in the end it did and turned bitter, ended up we blocked eachother. I am still hurting from her breaking up with me kinda (not as much) but yeah just a little advice on what i could to keep my mind of things? any past experiences from you guys, Ty

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  • 3 weeks ago

    It takes time and its painful.Hard to move on

  • Helen
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    3 weeks ago

    *Spend time with family and friends. 

    *Practice self care. Exercise, eat right, treat yourself to something new.

    *Learn a new skill. 

    *Walk daily. 

    *Spend time around animals and in nature.

    *Talk to someone who is under 8 or over 80.

    *Set personal goals. Was there ever anything you really wanted to achieve that she didn't really support you on? This could be anything from a career change or a once in a lifetime holiday, to skydiving! 

    *DON'T turn to alcohol.

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