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Will our high school give us a prom? Once Corona Crisis is over?

We had our prom CANCELLED due to Covid-19 and it was so upsetting. I know we saved lives by not having prom in may and doing so then would have been dangerous.

They sent us our diplomas and stuff but it is so depressing that once the pandemic is over the school might not give us a prom.

It is an essential part of our education that we were denied. Will they invite us back to at least see what prom is like? Like will they invite us back in 2021 or whenever this virus has been defeated.

Why might the school still DENG US a PROM even when it becomes safe to have a prom?

Will prom season forever depress me every year?

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    4 weeks ago

    Oh, the humanity!

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    4 weeks ago

    The prom is not an essential part of your education, and schools are not required to hold one. Whether individual schools will invite you to the next prom will depend on many factors, including the availability of a site that would accommodate so many people. Prom is highly overrated. Girls spend too much on dresses, then dance together while the guys stand around looking bored. Many girls spend most of their time in the restroom primping, and in having their pictures taken. Then kids go to an overnight lockdown, or to a hotel room to drink, depending on who they are. You can go to a hotel room to drink on your own. And by the time you're 19, you'll probably find the prom pretty silly. Wait until you can attend college parties- they're much better. 

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