Can I find a software tester job at 45?

I've been studying programming for a year now, I enjoy it but I think I am better at finding mistakes and errors. There's something satisfying in that.

Is it possible to become a tester at 45 at all? I mean would anyone hire me at this age?

Let's say I have certifications and a little freelance experience

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  • Alex
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    4 weeks ago
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    First thing to do is remove anything from your resume & LinkedIn profile that suggests your age (for example, remove any land line numbers and your physical mailing address from your resume along with the date you earned your degree if you have one).  There are articles on the subject, so look them up.

    Second, you are entry level for this type of job.  So, you either need to look for entry level jobs, or look for jobs that are related to the experiences you do have.

    For entry level jobs, hit up staffing agencies.  Many companies only fill their entry level jobs through agencies, so they are great places to start ( just stay away from the ones that expect you to pay a fee).

    For jobs related to the experience you do have, here is what I mean by that.  Let's say for the past several years you have been working in oil field construction.  Look to software companies that are making software for oil field construction companies.  Or, if you have been working in banking, look to the IT departments of banks or software companies that make banking software.  Having industry experience can be very valuable to a software company even if you don't yet have strong coding experience.

    Finally, boost your technical skills as much as you can.  Write an app.  Join an open source project and start contributing code or fixing bugs.  That kind of experience will look great on a resume!

  • Judy
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    Very unlikely - you don't have nearly enough background for it.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I have no idea. One way to find out.

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