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Should I leave this makeup/breakup relationship? ?

I have been in a makeup/breakup relationship for close to 14 years. 

My partner has trust and anger issues. Every conversation - even about problems is perceived as combative - by him. He then gets angry and leaves and does not speak to me for days and weeks. Threatens that this is it. I have a son and a newborn. He has a daughter from a previous relationship. We live separately right now because of the past. Here lately the issue has been watching his daughter while he works. I am currently on maternity leave from a c section. The problem I have is that because of the makeup/breakup cycle I am reluctant to watch her. She back talks, gets an attitude and acts more like an adult than a child. If I don’t conform to this, he says there is no point in a relationship and doesn’t speak to me. 

He does not see that his lack of understanding and general childish way of handling things takes a toll.Also, his mother stopped speaking to me because he moved back home. I feel a world of guilt.What would you do?

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    There is literally no point to this relationship - he's clearly not mature enough to act like an adult. 

    End the relationship (or at least, what there is of it). And tell him he needs to find someone suitable to care for his child if he's unable to do so. 

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    First you need to know the hidden mistakes in yourself, if you dont find them, then you must find it in your partner, then you may resolve those mistakes. Still if the other person is not willing, then you should go for the last resort. but the first thing is diagnosing the problem. This article may help you find out if you are going through the same unnoticed and hidden issues:

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    I'd get my children out of such a toxic environment for a start.

    You might be prepared to waste 14 years of your life, why waste theirs too? Do your children not deserve better than this? You are a role model to them (or supposed to be), to show them what to want from life. Is this REALLY the life you hope they will pick for themselves?

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