What's right to do now?

She substracted when it wasn't comfortable for her and substracted me of some rights i could have enherited after my father's death.Now i'm having a baby and she is expecting me to include her in my life more than i think she would deserve.I continued the relationship with her much in conversation because she is still my mom.But i don't trust her for so many times in the past she left me down.How can i avoid her i would show her the baby but my heart what i've experienced sais i shouldn't trust her to hold the baby, my family i want to grow and educate differently but we're still blood connected me and my mom.In my heart i'm angry with her and disappointed but i can't just ignore her still we try to communicate and stay friendly sort of..

1 Answer

  • Pearl
    Lv 7
    3 weeks ago

    i would do what you feel you need to do

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