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Is it true that the zodiac signs changed?

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    The Genius has again proven that millenials are masters of cut and paste and ignorant of everything else including how to think.  He says astrology ignores science (no it doesn't) and then proceeds to "prove" it by ignoring history. Ahhh The Genius. What would we do for entertainment without you?

    This ludicrous story pops up every year or so.  NO THE ZODIAC SIGNS HAVE NOT CHANGED. Signs are not constellations and constellations are not signs.  Astronomers, about 100 years ago (time to catch up, skeptics) added a constellation to the zodiac they use for their own purposes.  THe constellation was known and used since before Ptolemy's day, 2nd century AD. Very nice. It has NOTHING to do with astrology.

    Read this article written years ago to combat the semi annual rising of this stupid, stupid, assertion.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Astrology ignores science. Adding planets is not a problem. Happened at least three times. The signs are written in stone. Your magic system is still intact.

    This has been asked countless times. Astrology doesn’t change it’s signs. 12 is the most useful number as it divides easy. Adding a sign makes it 

    a prime that can’t be divided.

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