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What should i do to protect my self?

My mother recently passed away, She is yet to be cremated. She was married when she passed away to my step father.

Im not sure if sure if she had a will, She did verbally say some specific things to be given to me and my brother.

I just dont want the husband to take things hes not entitled to take.

This is a very fresh situation and i dont want to be in the middle of fighting over assets and him possibly trying to take from us.

What are your guys opinions?

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    Tread very lightly and carefully. This is a very difficult situation, but, unfortunately, one that is not uncommon. Do your best to be supportive of your step father and stay on good terms with him. As long as you have a good relationship with him, your chances of having things you would like will be much greater than if you are fighting.

  • n2mama
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    I’m sorry for your loss. You will need to find out if your mom had a will or not. If she didn’t, your state law will apply. In some states, if a married person dies (and their spouse is not the parent of their children), half the estate goes to the surviving spouse and the other half is divided among the children. Certain things would be exceptions, such as jointly held or titled assets, such as a house or bank accounts. If the items you are talking about are personal, was your step father aware of your mother’s wishes that they go to you and your brother? If there isn’t a will and your relationship with your step father isn’t great, this could get ugly, I’m sorry to say, especially if those items are high value.

    If mom had a will, the terms of the will have to be followed. If those specific items are not mentioned in the will, you still could have a conflict with your step father if he doesn’t agree they should go to you. Inheritance tends to bring out the worst in people.

  • Tj
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    somehow, you need to find out if MOM had a will...You may know if she had a lawyer.  If not maybe a lawyer may be able to find out.

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    I think you should talk to your stepdad before jumping to conclusions.  

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