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Do cats give birth to some kittens, pause for multiple hours then give birth to the rest?

My mom said that the cat isn't actually done giving birth yet even though its been four hours and nothing else has happened yet. She still looks pregnant but I don't know if that actually means anything. She had 4 babies, 2 were stillborn cause we bought her home to foster her after she was found on the streets. Could she still give birth to more kittens or is the process of giving birth done?


It's been 24 hours since anything new has happened. She's seems to be okay (purrs every time I check in on her) and is taking amazing care of her two babies. She really struggled while giving birth though and I'm thinking that she was too weak to continue and now has stillborn kittens that she couldn't pop out. Her stomach is still big and hard but nothing feels like its moving. I've contacted the shelter I foster for and was told to wait 24 hours and see if anything changes before a vet visit.

Update 2:

She's out of surgery and doing okay. 2 other stillborn kittens were removed from her body. She is very fragile and weak at the moment but a strong recovery is expected. The shelter and I set up a plan for her babies where they will see and have mom but not require as much attention and energy. Everything and everyone is safe and okay and will only get better 😊

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    It's just like when I had twins, I took a break in between. Please reply and let me know how she and her babies are doing. R.i.p to those two who passed. I rescued a street cat 2 years ago, she had 5 babies and two of them were stillborn as well.

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    Yes, they can. Sometimes they produce some kittens, then after hours of waiting, produce more.  Leave her to it.  She'll know when she's finished.

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    They absolutely can. We rescued a pregnant cat recently and she gave birth to four kittens a couple weeks ago. The last one was born probably 10 or 12 hours later. We actually thought she was done

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