I always dream about going from point A to point B in my dreams. Does it have any significant interpretation?

Well, there is also the feeling of fear or dread most of the time. For instance last night in my dream I was suppose to go from a bus stop to a village. But in the dream, I had to pass by three other very dangerous villages to get to my own. This seems to be a recurrent theme. 

1 Answer

  • 4 weeks ago

    You're having trouble getting home, or finding your home in these dreams.  To me it sounds like you are rather young and searching for where you belong on this big blue planet.  You want to find the place where you live, and or work, etc. You might feel a bit of dread because it's all so new, and you never know what or who you might run into.  It is like a "coming of age" dream. 

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